Here is a summer recipe!

Here is a Summer recipe! In this recipe I am doing my best to follow a fundamental principle of Ayurveda: adjust my dietary choices and routines with the cycles of nature so I can experience radiant health and achieve deep healing.  

So, I am using cooling foods and spices that counteract the qualities of summer – hot, sharp, intense. 

In this recipe, I used the veggies I picked up this week from our farm share: potatoes (red, white and purple!) and summer squash. I added tempeh for the protein source. For spices I used fresh cilantro and parsley, and salt and pepper to taste. All cooked with the best oil for Pitta season: ghee.

Cilantro has a cooling nature and is the ultimate herb for the Summer time - a powerful aid to digestion during these hot months when digestion tends to be a bit weaker. In order to prevent our bodies from overheating in the summer, nature reduces our digestive fire. The beauty is that the summer harvested foods are already cooked by the sun, so our body can deal with a lower digestive fire since nature already gives us the foods somewhat cooked! This, of course, applies if you are in the habit of eating seasonal foods.

Enjoy fresh cilantro, finely chopped, as a garnish for bean soups, vegetable, lentils, and rice dishes. Add finely-chopped tender stems to soups and stews as they are cooking for even more potent flavor!

Here is how I prepared this meal:

I steamed the potatoes and the tempeh first. It is very important to steam tempeh (and tofu) first before you stir-fry or do whatever you like to do with it. The reason is to make it easier to digest the soy. Meanwhile, I added ghee to a wok. When warm, I added the summer squash and stir-fried them. The potatoes and tempeh were then added to the wok and mixed with the ghee and squash. Then I sprinkled on some pink salt and a little bit of black-pepper. Finally, I added the fresh herbs to the mix. And here is what we got:

Here is a Summer recipe.JPG

When we adjust our lives with the cycles of Mother Nature, we feel better and function more effectively. A few simple changes can dramatically increase our health and vitality. This is the real “going with the flow of life”. When in the flow, we will find life to be more vibrant, more easeful and more enjoyable!