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Taking Ayurveda to the Mat

  • Yogaville - Satchidananda Ashram 108 Yogaville Way Buckingham, VA, 23921 United States (map)

Explore how Yoga and Ayurveda, the ancient Vedic healing practices, function both alone and together to balance your body and mind. These ancient healing practices are unique to each individual and will guide you and your clients towards a new realm of vitality.

During this workshop, you’ll explore how lively, full-spectrum asana sequences of Integral Yoga can help to balance one’s nature. You’ll learn to adapt your Yoga practice according to ayurvedic principles when needs arise—such as the change of seasons, aging, digestive complaints, insomnia, or anxiety.

You’ll experience:

  • Classes tailored for each of the three main doshas (individual natures), allowing you to feel the distinct effects of each asana sequence
  • How the doshas’ qualities vary throughout the day and how that affects your practice
  • Daily ayurvedic self-care regimens
  • The link between the Integral Yoga Hatha sequence and a balanced constitution

Through discussions, practice, and inquiry, you’ll develop a new holistic way of approaching your health.

This program is open and beneficial to Yoga therapists, teachers, and practitioners.