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Ayurvedic Consultation, Integral Yoga Hatha Classes

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At times of changes and instabilities, seeking the path that leads us to balance is not always easy. However, we must be brave and try the different options life offers us. Ayurveda was (and still is) the path that brought peace and balance to my body, mind and spirit. Nevertheless, this experience would not have been successful without the knowledge, professionalism, perception, compassion and guidance of Letícia Padmarsi. The new diet and practices introduced at my own pace have had an immediate and effective result. Currently, the skin allergy that was in full bloom and hormonal imbalances with the onset of menopause are stabilized. I keep up with the recommended practices and most appropriate diet for my biotype and life moment as a way to maintain the balance. Leticia not only helped me through a difficult time with great propriety, but also taught me to be more attentive to my own body and state of mind. Ayurveda and Letícia Padmarsi are the perfect combination for anyone who wishes to embark on a healthier and more balanced journey in a safety and peaceful way.  Juli Azevedo

Under the firm and loving guidance of Leticia Padmasri, I began the journey towards a stage of my life with more health and serenity; first through yoga, since 2014, and then by caring for my food by being introduced to an Ayurvedic lifestyle in 2015. If I was initially afraid to take on the new demands for my health, I was soon overcome by a feeling of self-confidence awakened and fed by the safe and attentive way with which Padmasri guided me, using her deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology, yoga, and the principles of ayurveda. I lost weight in a healthy way, improved my digestive function, and started to work and deal with life situations with more focus, persistence and creativity. I realize today clearly how yoga and ayurveda complement each other, providing us with a better quality of life for the body and mind. That's why I'm grateful to her for opening up new horizons for my life and I recommend everyone to let her take care of them. — Reinaldo Martiniano

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The program was beautifully presented with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and sincerity that can only come from a deep personal practice and service from the presenter, Padmasri. — Hridayan Stern

Padmasri’s depth of understanding of Anatomy is illuminating and her gentle demeanor creates a warm and safe environment. I came away from class with a better understanding of how the core works both physically and emotionally. I have already used many of the techniques I learned with my students and in my personal practice — Shanthi Haddock

Leticia is extremely knowledgeable, and her presentation was very clear. She really took the time to make sure we understood each point as she progressed through the program. — Elizabeth Fox

I wish I could spend a month with Leticia learning about Ayurveda. Leticia is truly a master of her craft. — Brianna Patten, 

Padmasri's compassion, steady, clear intellect, and her obvious love and dedication to her craft mark Leticia as an exceptionally talented ayurvedic professional. Her enthusiasm and attitude are contagious. The daily routines and dietary guidelines that she provided to me had a marked impact on sleep, eliminating my insomnia. Now I sleep through the night for the first time in years. I feel more balanced, stable, and vibrantly healthy. The circles under my eyes I used to have are gone. The Ayurvedic lifestyle has also reduced my anxiety greatly. Leticia provides the right balance of directness and compassion and humor to inspire those who are just getting started on the path and kindle their curiosity, while also holding them accountable for their own part.   Jordan James

Padmasri is incredibly knowledgeable in Ayurveda, yoga, and exercise science. She did an amazing job at meeting me where I was at, with my daily routines and diet, and gently guided me to an improved routine and diet, more conducive to my particular body and mind. As things came up, as they are apt to do when adjusting anything, she was very helpful at troubleshooting with me, and finding solutions. She did not try to put me on a bunch of expensive supplements, but, instead, worked on using whole foods and spices to achieve the same results. I am incredibly pleased with the results of following the lifestyle suggested by her, and am now, easily, able to follow this new lifestyle, and feel amazing because of it. – Lilavati Eberle



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What a full and wonderful experience. Padmasri is a warm, funny, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic teacher. Her ability to combine ayurvedic and Integral Yoga teachings are unmatched. Her dosha-pacifying Hatha Yoga classes were a real treat and the best Hatha I've ever experienced. Thank you! — Meghan King 

 This workshop came at a perfect time to help my understanding of energy and its connection to nature. Leticia Padmasri brought knowledge, grace, and awareness of gunas and doshas... the physical asanas practices took my practice to just the right level. — Judith Knight

Highly recommended this program and this instructor. The three yoga practices were amazing. Very informative and it compliments to the lectures for an introduction to Ayurveda. Leticia has an amazing openness and energy. Very grateful for her sharing. Elaine Woods-Martinez

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Services Overview

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Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga that balances the five elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether - in our body. I assist people in and around Charlottesville with various conditions including musculoskeletal pain, depression, anxiety, weight issues and more.

Personal Training

All of us know that we should exercise, but few of us do it. I work individually with students of all body types and fitness levels to develop customized programs that increase skill, fitness, and well-being.

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Hatha Yoga Classes

I offer classes for all skill levels, from beginning to advanced practitioners at several location in Charlottesville. Classes are also tailored for your own ayurvedic constitution and can address, back pain, arthritis, pain in general, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, fatigue, and weight management.

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Workplace Wellness

Coming Soon!



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